Agnes Questionmark

Agnes Questionmark (formerly known as Giovanni Vetere) (b. 1995, Rome, Italy) is an Italian artist based in London who completed her BA in Fine Art at Camberwell College of Arts in 2018. Questionmark’s artistic practice spans sculpture, performance and photography with an increasing emphasis on watery performance art. The artist’s interaction with water reflects upon the controversial relationship that the human body maintains with the sea and seeks to understand the effects that water has on the human body, not only as a physical response but as a generator of meaning and symbolism. Questionmark often takes a scientific fact and builds an imaginary around it, reflecting on future histories and interrogating the constraints and limitations of our capacity to imagine a more harmonious world in which humanity is finely attuned to the environment. By adopting a post-humanist stance towards the body, the artist aims to de-centre the way we perceive our own bodies by insisting upon the idea that we are chiasmically entwined with the world and that all human beings are permeable and permeate one another. Questionmark’s work envisions a world of bodies that are trans-corporeal and constantly pulled into a symbiotic relationship with other bodies. Recent solo exhibitions include those at Union Gallery, London (2019) and The Orange Garden, Rome (2019 and 2018). Recent group exhibitions include: ‘Abstract Reality’, Saatchi Gallery, London (2018); FRAC Festival, Borgia, Italy (2018); ‘Bodies of Water’, Exposed Arts Projects, London (2018); ‘Noise’, APT Gallery, London (2018); and the Florence Biennale, Florence, Italy (2017). Vetere was awarded the Lorenzo Il Magnifico Prize at the Florence Biennale in the category of Performance Art in 2017 and participated in an artist residency in Beijing, China in 2016. In January-February 2020, Vetere presented his first institutional performance, ‘Il Cappello del Polpo’ at the Palazzo Massimo alle Terme in Rome as part of the exhibition, ‘Giovani Creativi -Le Origini del Genio’ – a project of TWM Factory in collaboration with Museo Nazionale Romano.