Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson (born in 1959 in London) works with the clarity of glass to give a view of the world.  His engagement with glass spans over 25 years studying technique, sculpture, art and design, and working in glass studios in the United States, Denmark and the United Kingdom.  Jackson's body of work consolidates concept and technical skill, using forms that are provocative yet harmonious, animated with gestural mark-making and carving.  Richard's path from concept to realisation begins with a thought about the human predicament.  More often than not a title or a few words wrap themselves around something going through his mind and that starts him off on his artistic journey. One no longer thinks of glass as a delicate and fragile material after experiencing the strength and masculinity of Jackson's gestural carvings on glass. His work can be found in the public collections of the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; National Museums of Scotland; the Lightbox, Woking; the Ruskin Glass Collection and MAVA, Madrid.