Movement and energy are two words that describe Alice Browne's practice very well as she works with colour, texture and volume in an unpredictable way. Browne often works quickly on many paintings at a time, "allowing the brush shape and consistency of the paint to affect the mark making, resulting in a fresh, rhythmic energy."  Browne's approach to her work is a painterly exploration of colour and form that references everyday visual experience as well as abstract notions of depth relating to the flat painting surface, creating a palpable but playful tension in her work.  Browne, a London-based artist, has been very busy since she finished her BA in Painting at the Wimbledon College of Art in 2009.  After being selected for the New Contemporaries show in 2010, Browne was included in a group show curated by Ryan Gander earlier this year at the Limoncello Gallery in London as well as being selected by Dexter Dalwood, a 2010 Turner Prize nominee, to exhibit at the Creekside Open 2011 at the APT Gallery in London.  She has upcoming solo shows this year at the Jerwood Project Space in London and again at the Limoncello Gallery.  Browne's practice, which lies somewhere in the spectrum between abstract and representational, reflects on an interest in perceived differences between a world of objects and their representations.