Wendy McLean

Wendy McLean, another London-based artist, graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Painting earlier this year.  Her work focuses on the different values paint can project.  McLean states: "I am interested in painting's ability to insinuate objects, open up pictorial space, and cite conventions, yet remain just a surface of coinciding marks."  When first meeting McLean, she was unsure about being described as an abstract painter as the starting point for her practice is always a model built by her or a landscape study drawn by her.  In fact, her studies look like exquisite finely tuned works of art.  However, although working from a fixed point of reference, her finished paintings are lyrically loose in feeling with some brushstrokes vaguely reminiscent of a landscape but the overall effect blurs the line between abstraction and landscape painting and allows the viewer's mind to wander out of the landscape and wonder what the artist was thinking about during her creation process.  Some of McLean's more overworked board paintings scream abstraction and are crying out to distance themselves from any fixed statement or reference point, and for that reason, give them an intriguing complexity and etherealness.