British painter Glen Pudvine (b. 1989, Chester, UK) lives and works in London where he co-runs the artist-led project space, PLAZA PLAZA in Elephant and Castle. In 2019, Pudvine graduated from the Royal Academy Schools in London after finishing his BA in Fine Art at Leeds Metropolitan University in 2011. Pudvine takes his nude self – complete with facial hair, musculature and erect penis - as the subject of his paintings, begging the question of whether narcissism or vulnerability drives this exploration. In the artist’s own words, ‘I don’t know where my vulnerability ends and my performance begins. What is actually being revealed about being a man, a human or a painter is a question I keep asking myself.’ These self-portraits often include interactions or exchanges with other species, such as dinosaurs, that subtly point to the desire for a monstrous transformation or expression of existential dread. In 2021, his work was featured in a solo exhibition at J Hammond Projects in London and a duo show with Dominic Watson at Quench Gallery, Margate. Selected group exhibitions, include: Young Monsters, Lychee One, London (2019); Premiums: Interim Projects 2018, Royal Academy of Arts, London (2018); New Contemporaries 2017, Block 336, London and Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle (2017-18); Addams Outtakes, Roaming Projects, London (2017); Something Like You, ANDOR, London (2017); Tired and Clever, Westminster Waste, London (2015); Every Emotion Under the Sun, Plaza Plaza, London (2015); and Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs (with Jesse Wine), Cactus Gallery, Liverpool (2015).