Pam Evelyn (b. 1996, Guildford, UK) lives and works in London. Using a process where the outcome is dependent on physical application rather than aesthetic decision making, Evelyn’s focus is to paint acting from impulse, chance or frustration, creating different tensions across the canvas surface that enable her to produce a kind of organised chaos in paint. Her drips, streaks and smudges form a palimpsestic surface where the marks have the capacity to evoke material sensations without lingering on a particular name or fixed meaning and may appear as non-representational forms as well as become visible as more recognisable suggestions of figuration and landscape. Exhibitions include: a forthcoming solo exhibition at The Approach (2022); Spectacle of a wreck, Peres Projects, Berlin (2021);  Le Coeur Encore, The Approach, London (2021); Diaries Of A Climate, Baert Gallery, Los Angeles (2021); Up Up and Away, Hockney Gallery, London (2020); Bad Actors, Karst Gallery, Plymouth; Set the Borders on Fire, Exhibition Laboratory, Helsinki; A Myth, Amorph, A Method, Althuis Hofland Fine Arts Amsterdam (all 2019) and Olio, The Crypt Gallery, London (2017). She is currently studying Fine Art Painting at The Royal College of Art, London after graduating from the Slade School of Art, London with a BFA (First Class Honours) in 2019. She is represented by The Approach, London.