Lian Zhang (b. 1984, Hangzhou, China) is a London-based Chinese artist. She received her first MA in Painting from the China Academy of Art, Hangzhou in 2010 and a second MA from the Royal College of Art, London in 2013. She has won several painting prizes, including Curator's Prize: The Open West (2014) and Hine Painting Prize (2013), and was shortlisted for the Valerie Beston Award (2013). Zhang’s recent painting practice focuses on the collection and combination of images with various spatiotemporal aspects. Through these pictorial compositions, spatial memory is fabricated, leading to multiple narrative threads that disrupt subject-predicate relations, creating a new-temporal painting language. Her work was featured in a solo exhibition at Lychee One in 2020.  Recent group exhibitions include: Unfair Weather, Lychee One, London (2021); Fertile Laziness, Platform Projects, London (2021); Anti-Social Isolation, Saatchi Gallery with Delphian Gallery, London (2020); Bone Memory, Lychee One, London (2018); Rifts in Silence, M Art Center, Shanghai (2018); Flickering Boundaries, MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai (2018); and Mingled Spaces, Lychee One, London (2017).