Rick Kirby's majestic sculptures take human form, focussing on either the face or the female body, and are made of small pieces of steel welded together, often described by the artist as "pixels".  Kirby (born 1952 in the UK) has an impressive body of public commissions in the United Kingdom that have been unveiled by the likes of Her Majesty, the Queen, Princess Margaret, the Duke of Kent and the Nobel Laureate, Seamus Heaney. Working with small individual pieces of steel allows Kirby to give nuance, detail and sensuality to his sculptures.  It is this juxtaposition of steel in its raw form (cold and industrial) next to the warmth of the human body that is central to Kirby's practice.  It is a contrast of extremes, the industrial materials and welding process and the creation of a work of art, which is the expression of something unique and personal.  Kirby has been awarded major public and private commissions over the last year, including those for the Grosvenor Estate, North Audley Street, London and Fulham Reach, North Bank, London.