New York-based artist Erin O’Keefe (b. 1962, Bronxville, NY) completed a Master of Architecture at Columbia University in New York in 1988 after graduating with a BFA from Cornell University, Ithaca, NY in 1984. O’Keefe paints simple geometric shapes in rich colours, accentuated by precise lighting and shadows. Paint is roughly applied and her hand is legible in textured brush marks. The compositions initially resist and tease the viewer – the scale of the objects is uncertain and flatness and depth appear unreliable. The pleasure of colour and shadow are used against the viewer, in a series of perceptual games played with brush and camera. The image enclosed in the glazed frame is an arranged tableau of painted wooden shapes, photographed to form perceptually impossible objects, the monocular vision of the camera collapsing space.  Recent solo exhibitions include those at Seventeen, London (2020) and Denny Gallery, New York (2019, 2017 and 2015). Selected group exhibitions include: AND/ALSO: Photography (Mis)represented, Kasmin Gallery, New York (2020); Joy before the object, Seventeen, London (2019); and Inside Out/Upside Down, The Photographer’s Gallery, London (2016). She is represented by Seventeen, London.